About The River Depth Website
The River Depth website started out in the Green section of Digital Indigo's website. Since we run free bicycle, hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing, and XC skiing adventures, we decided to setup a place that would give various weather conditions by automated means.

Our kayaking launch points varied based on the depth of the Susquehanna river. We decided to make an automated web page that would let everyone on the kayak trip know what launch point we were going to use based on computer data feeds.

We worked on writing on own software to create graphs and monitor USGS feeds in real-time. After using this information for a few years, we though it would be fun to share with the water sports community at large. We hope this helps kayakers, boaters, swimmers, personal watercraft riders, and all folks who love being outdoors on the water. Ideally, the information on this site allows you to get an advanced educated guess as to current water conditions based on past experiences you may have had at similar water depth readings.

Creating the river depth website was incentive to clean up our graph making routes a bit, and add features, such as PDF generation. This allows people to print out extremely high-resolution charts. Since we don't add any watermarks or advertising on the PDFs, they're great to use for presentations and reports.

The costs of development, server use, bandwidth, and general operating costs of River Depth are supported by Digital Indigo, and advertisers on the River Depth site. Because we're a small company, advertisements help keep up with the costs of this site. Please visit our sponsors, listed at the bottom of each page, to help keep this service available.

If you have any suggestions, or requests for additional features, please following the Contact Us link located on the left side of each page.

Thanks for your interest, and support of our site!

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